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Rabu, 08 Oktober 2008

How to remove BIOS password from Toshiba laptops

How to remove BIOS password from Toshiba laptops

You can use this plug to remove or clear the BIOS password from older Toshiba laptops. I tested the plug and it successfully cleared the BIOS password from Toshiba Satellite 1415, Satellite 1800 and Satellite Pro 6100. Using the plug you should be able to remove a BIOS password from most Pentium III Toshiba laptops and from some Pentium IV laptops. To make a password removal tool you need a DB25 plug from a parallel printer cable (cable with a plug that you can take apart), a solder gun and 30-40 minutes of your time.

Cut a DB25 connector off an old parallel printer cable and remove screws to disassemble the plug. The wires should be long enough to strip the ends and solder them.

All pins on the connector are marked from 1 to 25 and you should connect and solder together the wires from the following pins:

1+5+10 2+11 3+17 4+12 6+16 7+13 8+14 9+15

On some connectors pins 18 through 25 are already connected. If they are not connected, connect them. Do not connect a wire from pins 18-25 and a ground wire to anything, just insulate it with electrical tape and leave alone.

Carefully fold the wires, put wires inside the DB25 connector and assemble the connector.

How to use the Toshiba BIOS password removal tool: connect the plug to the parallel port on your Toshiba laptop and turn on the laptop. You should bypass the BIOS password and the laptop will boot directly to the operating system.
UPDATE for all Toshiba owners:
Some new Toshiba laptops can start asking for the BIOS password even if it never been set. This affects the following models: Satellite A100, A105, A130, A135, A200, A205, L35, M200, M205, P100, P105, P200, P205 and probably some others.
Before you can use the laptop, the BIOS password has to be cleared.
What can you do? Read this official support bulletin for more information. In this bulletin you’ll find a full list of Toshiba laptops affected by this problem.
If you have one of these laptops and it set the BIOS password on its own, Toshiba will clear the password at no charge. Read the bulletin.

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